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Reduce spend on 
cleaning supplies
bedding and pillows
office supplies
patient gowns

Powered by VVI© Technology and backed by years of procurement expertise, we uniquely combine advanced analytics and proven processes to help reduce the cost of operating supplies and equipment purchases.

Let us revolutionize how you purchase OS&E.

We are your partner in procurement.

OS&E Analytics is a procurement consulting organization with a unique approach.

Unlike other companies that rely on stale historical data, unreliable group buying power, or forcing you to a totally different product, we utilize VVI ™, a cutting-edge predictive analytics platform available exclusively to Virtual Procurement partners that utilizes real-time data points to predict market competitive pricing across a broad range of spend categories.  Our team of experts utilize their deep vendor and sales knowledge to interpret the results and put them to work in achieving the best available price to you.

At the same time, we always stay within your purchasing timelines, keep your original product selections, and maintain or improve your vendor relationships.

Make the most of your spend.

Are you being forced to do more with less?

Limited budgets and fewer resources lead to missed opportunities. Let the experts at OS&E work as an extension of your team to identify savings, negotiate pricing and create new opportunities to help your business thrive.

Have confidence in your pricing.

Do you get market competitive pricing?

Our team of experts, through their years of experience, vendor management expertise, and VVI technology can help uncover the truth. And, if you have overspent or been given inflated contracts, we can help with that as well.

Strengthen your sourcing process.

Is your team truly versed in purchasing?

Don’t settle for suboptimal procurement or rushed decisions. Let the experts at OS&E use their proven techniques for effective procurement while teaching you how to manage vendors and your sourcing process.

How do we do it?

We use the world’s most advanced pricing tool.

Virtual Vendor Index or VVI© is a predictive analytics tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to accurately determine the cost of an item throughout its distribution. Within hours of receiving a quote, the OS&E team can complete a run through the analytics engine to determine if and when there will be savings.

VVI calculates fair market pricing based on input from real-time, publicly available data points. VVI is continuously refreshed with new sales and product data to further increase its accuracy.

Our pricing is simple

We make it easy to engage with us.  The last thing you need is more pricing complexity!

Gain-Share Model

We only charge for savings we tangibly achieve. It's really that simple.


If we don't achieve savings or you elect not to utilize them, there is no charge.

Advisory Included

Advisory and education services offered at no charge to current clients.

Are you ready to revolutionize your OS&E procurement?

We only charge for savings we tangibly achieve.

It's your decision on every savings opportunity.

Vendor relationships remain intact or improved.

We always work within your established timelines.

Start saving